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Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I am passionate about helping students succeed socially, academically and emotionally. I take pride in helping to create a safe, positive learning environment for all McGarity students,whether it be in the building face to face, or virtually.   


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What does a school counselor do?

1) We serve as student advocates and educators.
 An elementary school counselor helps students succeed through education and exploration using the following methods:

Classroom Guidance:
Each classroom at McGarity Elementary will have Classroom Guidance Lessons at least 9 times during the school year .Some of the topics that are covered include responsibility, bullying, study skills, test-taking skills, friendship, goal-setting, and career exploration.

Small Group Counseling Sessions:
Small groups consist usually of 5-8  students, all referred for a specific reason. We meet for 6-7 weeks, for about 30 minutes per week. If a child is referred to the counselor for a small group, parents will be required to sign a permission slip before they can participate.

NOTE:  Due to COVID restrictions, small groups may not be available this school year. 

Individual Counseling Sessions:
Students are always welcome to speak with the counselor on a one-on-one basis. Referrals are made by administrators, teachers, school staff, and parents. Students may also make referrals or request to see the counselor themselves. Rather than giving advice, a counselor serves as a guide to help students find solutions on their own to whatever issue is being presented. School counselors do not make on-going weekly appointments with students; rather, they assist students on an as-needed basis.

 Remember, school counselors are not therapists. If you feel your child needs intensive on-going counseling, please see the RESOURCES tab to the top of the page for a link that will give you several contact numbers to local agencies.

2) We assist parents!
Children don't come with instruction manuals, so another thing counselors do is assist parents in finding different strategies to help their child be successful. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your child or if you need help with finding resources in the community. I am always available to meet with parents,although making an appointment with me just to make sure I'm not teaching a class or in the middle of a small-group session is usually best. However, my door is always open to parents, appointment or not. 

3) We serve as liaisons between community agencies and the school.
Counselors assist in coordinating referrals to/from outside agencies in order to help students and families get the services they need. If you should need assistance, please check the RESOURCES tab at the top of the page OR contact Ms. McCollum.


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